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The ENTER register is aimed to create a digital international individual registration procedure to assess and certify the level of professional competence of the tertiary level engineering educators. If the achieved level of the engineer educators' professional competences corresponds to the criteria based on the best international practices, the procedure regulates the registration of the educator and will issue an international digital professional card, allowing broader recognition of professional educators' qualifications worldwide.

The ENTER register as an International Professional Engineer Educator Register provides transparency and empowers the higher education institutions (HEIs) to consider certified educators from different countries for their high-profile faculty vacancies. Simultaneously the proposed certification induces educators to improve their skills and competencies in general.

The ENTER project contributes to the completion of the European Union goals, through activities that facilitate the recognition and validation of the educators knowledge, skills, and competencies acquired through formal, non-formal and informal learning. All engineer educators are welcomed to submit their interest to be included in this International Professional Register by contacting us through the