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ENTER Online Project meeting focused on ENTER Quality Standards and experts' training took place in DSTU

The second online meeting of ENTER project took place on the Zoom platform from June 30 to July 3, 2020. The meeting was organized by Don State Technical University and Bologna Club. During the opening ceremony, ENTER project participants were welcomed by Rector of DSTU Besarion Meskhi, President of the Bologna Club Svetlana Shvedova and Head of the International Strategic Initiatives Department of DSTU Lev Gurtskoy.
The focus of the event was ENTER Quality Management Standards. During the plenary session Prof. Jose Carlos Quadrado (Polytechnic Institute of Porto, Portugal) introduced ENTER quality standards and ENTER network design. He emphasized that accredited i-PET programmes for engineering educators will also receive the unique ENTER label.
A visiting expert, one of CDIO European regional co-leaders Jens Bennedsen presented CDIO vision, principles and standards. Prof. Bennedsen focused on the fact that CDIO principles highlight the special role of quality assurance in the design and implementation of engineering education programs.
Opening ceremony by Prof. Quadrado and Prof. Bennedsen can be viewed on the Youtube channel
In the course of four days, the meeting participants discussed ENTER quality standards, content, methodology, training approaches and learning outcomes. During ENTER QMS training, the Eur-ACE experts from Russia and Kazakhstan discussed Enter quality assurance standards for accreditation of engineering educators professional study programmes and ENTER learning outcomes of Engineering Educators Pedagogical Training.
Though ENTER project participants could not have a walk around the university and the city, they enjoyed virtual excursion and interactive meetings with DSTU engineering faculties deans and innovative projects leaders.
Online tour of the city and regional historical places, as well as "Minecraft" university tour, which is one and the only in the world, provoked a keen interest of the meeting participants.
The next online meeting of the ENTER project will be held in Tallinn, September 21 - 22, 2020.