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Meeting in Bratislava, Slovakia - Workshop on iPET credit transfer and recognition on the project „Engineering Educators Pedagogical training" (ENTER)

DTI University in Dubnica nad Vahom, Slovakia, a European partner in the Erasmus+ Engineering Educators Pedagogical Training (ENTER) project, welcomed the Project partners at the meeting in Bratislava from 16 to 18 February 2022. The project leaders from Portugal, Russia, Estonia and Kazakhstan participated in the ENTER project meeting the part of which was the iPET credit transfer and recognition workshop. The meeting was opened by the José Carlos Quadrado, Vice-President of the of the P-Porto University and Roman Hrmo, the Vice-Rector of the DTI University.
The meeting took place in a hybrid form. There were 33 project participants attended the meeting personally, the others attended and joined the discussion and the programme of the meeting online.
Partners from all participating institutions presented their views, ideas and recommendations for possible solutions based on the personal and institutional experience in connection with the project implementation, particularly the implementation of iPET programs. The meeting included a presentation of the future vision for the sustainability of the project activities and ENTER Network.
The proposals in innovation and future direction of teacher training discussed within the meeting were agreed and accepted by both the EU and non-EU partners. Both the meeting and the social activities were highly appreciated by all participants.