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DSTU representatives have become certified trainers of the European advanced training programme for university teachers - i-PET

From 16th to 18th of September, representatives of DSTU and Association for international education support "Bologna Club" took part in the second session of iPET train-the-trainer workshops in the frame of Erasmus + project ENTER, which was held at Tallinn University of Technology (Estonia).
The main trainers were Roman Hrmo (DTI), Rein Paluoja (TalTech), Maria João Raposo (ISEP), Tiia Rüütmann (TalTech), Andrey Popov (TSTU), Svetlana Karstina (KSU), Juraj Miština (DTI), José Carlos Quadrado ( ISEP), Kuralay Nurgaliyeva (KazNU), Maria Chervach (TPU), Lucia Krištofiaková (DTI), Susana Nicola (ISEP).
The Agenda of the workshop envisaged studying of the teaching and learning materials for 14 courses within 3 Modules of i-PET programme, improved and updated in result of programme’s pilot implementation.
The first day of the workshop was dedicated to iPET-1 and iPET-2 Modules. Trainees’ particular attention was focused on studying educational technologies, teaching and assessment methods ensuring transition to the student-centered learning - the format where the teacher acts as a mentor. The participants also took a tour around the campus of Tallinn University of Technology and visited the School of Engineering, afterwards they discussed issues of further implementation of the iPET programme. The second day was dedicated to iPET-3 Module.
In general, the workshop became a discussion platform for teachers to express their impressions, make comments and identify the strengths and weaknesses of the presented Modules taking into account the results of iPET programme piloting.
At the end of the workshop representatives of Don State Technical University and Bologna Club - Irina Maevskaya, Denis Dubover, Andrey Krivoruchko, Sergey Kudryashev, Anna Shevtsova, Maxim Kadomtsev were awarded “Trainer” certificates. In October 2021, the 3rd Module of iPET programme will already start at DSTU, and will be taught by a renewed pool of trainers.
In addition, based on the results of the workshop, a series of info lectures about the project "Engineering Educators Pedagogical Training” (ENTER) and about the the i-PET advanced training programme will be held at the faculty of "Informatics and Computer Science" of DSTU.