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Start of the i-PET advanced training program at Don State Technical University

Start of the i-PET advanced training program at Don State Technical University

On January 21, 2021, the advanced training program "Pedagogical training for technical university teachers i-PET" starts at DSTU.
The program starts in the frame of ENTER project of the European Commission Erasmus + program.
i-PET is a 3-level modular program aimed at improving the pedagogical competencies of teachers working in the technical universities. The program has been developed taking into account the best European experience and is the result of international network cooperation of ENTER consortium. In the course of the project the universities of the consortium analyzed competencies of engineering educators in order to determine which competencies are mostly demanded under the modern conditions. The results of the analysis formed the basis and content of i-PET program curricula.

The i-PET structure includes 3 modules of different content and duration titled iPET-1, iPET-2, iPET-3:
- i-PET-1 - Short-focused (2 ECTS units) - "Qualification Development" Certificate;
- iPET-2 Professional Retraining (8 ECTS units) - Diploma ''Higher Education Teacher";
- iPET-3 International recognized (20 ECTS units) - a full program leading to international accreditation as "Engineering Educator".
Highly qualified experts from DSTU and other Russian, Kazakhstan, European universities of the consortium will teach courses within the i-PET program, the experts have undergone additional training in the framework of the online ENTER seminars at DTI university and at Tallinn University of Technology.
Teachers from 15 departments of DSTU will be trained under the iPET-1 module. The iPET-1 curriculum includes the following courses:
- Innovation in Engineering Pedagogy
- Time management
- Effective communication

More information about the i-PET program can be found here