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Get the qualification of the international level university teacher at KNRTU

The Institute of Continuing Professional Education KNRTU (Department of Engineering Pedagogy and Psychology and Department of Engineering Methodologies) implements a professional retraining program "Engineering University Teacher"(iPET -3) in the volume of 500 hours, which has been developed by a consortium of 13 universities (including KNRTU) from five countries within the framework of the Erasmus +project "EngineeriNg educoTors pEdagogical tRaining / ENTER".
The program will be implemented in Russian and English languages. Training for teaching staff is free of charge! Classes will start on January 15, 2021. Hurry up to enroll – the quality and efficiency is guaranteed by the Institute of Continuing Professional Education.
Galikhanov Mansur Floridovich, Director of the Institute of Continuing Professional Education.
Shageeva Farida Tagirovna, head of the department of Engineering pedagogy and psychology.
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