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Schedule of Project ENTER meetings 2019-2021 (DRAFT)

Date Venue WP Activity № Mobility

Past events

115 to 18 January 2019Porto1Kick-off meeting and Preparation1
229-31 May 2019Tambov1WS1.1 - Workshop on ENTER structure and operation2
329-31 May 2019Tambov1WS1.3 - Workshop for developers' group2
418-21 September 2019Almaty1WS1.2 - Workshop on ENTER QMS and procedures3
518-21 September 2019Almaty2WS2.1 - Workshop on iPET course development3
622-23 April 2020Bratislava (Online)2WS2.2- Workshop on iPET modules' contents4
71-3 July 2020Rostov-on-Don (Online) 1TR1.1 - Training of management staff on QMS-
821-22 of September 2020Tallinn (Online)2,4TR2.1: Training of trainers on modules A, B, and C +IGIP Conference -
914-16 October 2020Moscow (Online)2WS2.3 - Workshop on pilot monitoring and feedback analysis-
1014-16 October 2020Moscow (Online)4Project Conference-
117-10 July 2021Kirov2WS2.4 - Workshop on iPET trial's results5
1216-18 September 2021Tallinn2Training of trainers on modules A, B, and C6
1316-18 February 2022Bratislava2Workshop on iPET credit transfer and recognition7
146-8 July 2022Karaganda2WS2.5 Workshop on pilot monitoring and feedback analysis/ Workshop on iPET results8

Future events

156-9 September 2022Almaty4Final Conference (more participants from each partner x6)9-10
16End of October 2022Porto5Project Closing meeting11